Starting my research for climate change and how animals are effected I decided to look at Mirzoeff, How to See the World. In the chapter our changing world, Mirzoeff explains since human existence populations of bird species has rapidly reduced. “On the Pacific Island of Tonga alone, 26 species of bird have been documented as becoming extinct since the arrival of humans some 2,800 years ago.” This highlights to me how quickly our world can change, and how human existence endangers animals natural habitat.  There is always the possibility that these species of bird could have been saved if mankind was actively aware of their venerability.  John James Audubon who was a bird painter and ornithologist was amazed by the beauty of the flocks of passenger pigeons, he often would paint their beauty.  “He calculated that there were no fewer than 1,115,136,000 passenger pigeons in the single ‘flock’ that he saw” This in Kentucky in the year 1813, and in the year 1914 the last passenger pigeon died in a zoo in Cincinnati. This is because this type of pigeon was very popular for hunting, every time they passed people waited with guns. It is so depressing to think that the last of this species died in a zoo, it was kept locked up for our entertainment. It’s sickening to think how twisted that is, we are responsible of the death of the species how many other animals have suffered because of us? This research has informed me that humans have an extreme impact on the environment especially when we are disrespectful. I have learnt that mankind takes so much for granted, we take and take. When it’s too late that’s when we feel guilty, we don’t stop to think this behavior is damaging. It’s our responsibility to make a positive difference and help reduce the damage we have already created.


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