The centred theme throughout the Nga Putake o te Tikanga is to explain key behaviors and principles that are seen as extremly important in Maori culture. The texts reveals how each princeable is of value to their society. Along side that, the text also explains how Maori culture deals with behavior that is considered incorrect. A key concept that is explain in the text is understanding the word of value. Value vs. value. Despite the spelling of these two words being the same, the meanings hold a contrast to each other. “We are dealing with two separate words” Mead, H. 28. To be able hold something physical in your hand of worth, is considered to be a value. Maori culture explores the worth of something valuable in a much more spiritual wayThe aspiration of spiritual value that Maori strive for is of great importance in their society. For a certain type of behavoir to be seen as “of value”, emphases how princeables are important to Maori culture. It is like saying to be able achieve this type of behavior would be likened to holding something that was physically valuable.

Mead, H. (2003). Tikanga Maori; Living by Maori Values. NZ: Huia.28072017160005-0001





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